• How To Legally Use User-Generated Content
    User-generated content (UGC) can be a great marketing asset. Customer reviews, photos, videos, and other UGC on your website or social media can boost engagement and provide social proof. But there are legal considerations around using UGC. This guide will examine UGC laws and best practices on legally clearing rights to reuse consumer content in
  • The Role of Due Diligence in Real Estate Transactions
    Introduction A recent survey found that nearly 40% of home buyers waive inspections to make their offers more competitive in today’s cutthroat housing market. While this rush to close may win the bid, it opens buyers to serious risks that thorough due diligence is designed to avoid. Due diligence is an essential part of any
  • The Evolution of Clickwrap, Browsewrap, and Sign-in Wrap Agreements
    Introduction In today’s digital age, online interactions and transactions have become a part of daily life. With the rise of these digital engagements, the legal landscape has evolved to protect both businesses and users. At the heart of this landscape are the agreements users accept when utilizing a website or software, which set out the
  • Navigating Payments Legally on Gaming Platforms
    Monetizing a gaming platform often involves processing user payments for services and digital goods. However, handling payments carries legal obligations around security, taxes, disclosures, and more. This article will examine key payment considerations for gaming platforms. Payment Processing Setup To accept payments, gaming platforms must establish proper processing capabilities: Obtaining a Merchant Account A merchant
  • Crafting Gaming ToS: Free Template
    Introduction Having legally sound and comprehensive terms of service (ToS) is essential for any gaming platform to set clear ground rules, protect the business, and foster a thriving community. Well-crafted terms of use establish standards of behavior, limits on conduct, ownership of content, and procedures that give both the company and users certainty in their

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