Updating Terms of Use: Best Practices

Introduction Terms of Use agreements are a crucial legal document for any business with a website or mobile app. They set out the rules and guidelines for how users can interact with the platform, and can help protect the business from liability in the event of any disputes. However, it’s…

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State Privacy Laws: A Primer for Businesses

Introduction As a business owner, you know that compliance with federal and state laws is essential for the success and legality of your operations. One area that is particularly complex and ever-evolving is privacy law. In the United States, privacy laws vary from state to state, creating a patchwork of…

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How to Read & Interpret a Privacy Policy

Learning how an organization will use your personal information before you give it out is one approach to preserve your privacy. Most financial institutions, insurance firms, health care providers, government organizations, and e-commerce Web sites now publish information about their privacy policies to their clients and visitors. California law requires…

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