How To Legally Use User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) can be a great marketing asset. Customer reviews, photos, videos, and other UGC on your website or social media can boost engagement and provide social proof. But there are legal considerations around using UGC. This guide will examine UGC laws and best practices on legally clearing rights…

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Navigating Payments Legally on Gaming Platforms

Monetizing a gaming platform often involves processing user payments for services and digital goods. However, handling payments carries legal obligations around security, taxes, disclosures, and more. This article will examine key payment considerations for gaming platforms. Payment Processing Setup To accept payments, gaming platforms must establish proper processing capabilities: Obtaining…

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Crafting Gaming ToS: Free Template


Introduction Having legally sound and comprehensive terms of service (ToS) is essential for any gaming platform to set clear ground rules, protect the business, and foster a thriving community. Well-crafted terms of use establish standards of behavior, limits on conduct, ownership of content, and procedures that give both the company…

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Understanding the Legal Enforceability of Online Terms of Use

What are Online Terms of Use? Definition and Explanation Online terms of use, also commonly referred to as terms of service or terms and conditions, are legal agreements presented by companies operating digital platforms. These documents set out the rules, guidelines, and obligations for using a website, application, or other…

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