(Free Template) Basic Ghostwriting Agreement


This is a pretty straightforward Ghostwriting Agreement I’ve written. It’s similar to what I’ve used for my own ghostwriters. Ghostwriters are not just for famous people writing memoirs. Small businesses often use ghostwriters for blog posts, articles and the like. This template I wrote is tailored for such small projects where the…

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(Free Template) Independent Contractor Agreement (Pro-Company)

This is an Independent Contractor Agreement that favors the business that’s doing the hiring. Key aspects covered: – All work product and IP automatically becomes Company property and Contractor has to cooperate in transferring IP rights. – Confidentiality. – Contractor warrants that the work product will not violate the rights…

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(Free Template) Secured Promissory Note

Here it is in MS Word format.  This is a secured note, meaning there is a collateral. If you want an unsecured promissory note, then erase Section 4 and the word “SECURED” in the title. SECURED PROMISSORY NOTE Principal Amount: $_______________                   …

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