Free ToS Generator Reviewed: Termly

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Let’s evaluate Termly’s free Terms and Conditions generator.

  • What liability protections are included? Disclaimer of warranty, limitation of liability & indemnity.
  • Free preview without having to fill in fields or give email?  Yes but copy-pasting the free preview is not allowed until you sign up for an account.
  • Appears professionally-written?  Yes.
  • Plain English? No.
  • Explanations/instructions? Yes.
  • Level of customization? Excellent.
  • IP ownership provisions? Yes.
  • IP provisions for user-submitted content? Yes.
  • Procedures re copyright infringement? Yes.
  • Right to modify Terms at any time? Yes.
  • Right to terminate/ban any user account at any time? Yes.
  • Governing Law set close to your headquarters?  Yes.
  • Arbitration clause included? Yes, there are options for Litigation, Arbitration, or Informal negotiations, then arbitration.
  • Ecommerce-specific provisions? Yes..

(This free generator is better than many lawyer-drafted custom Terms but legalese could be difficult for some users to understand).

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