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Dutch model wins a “fat ass” lawsuit

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Ananda Marchildon posing for an underwear ad after winning her lawsuit

On Wednesday, the Amsterdam District Court ordered Elite Models to pay €65,000 to Dutch fashion model Ananda Marchildon, 25, most notable as the winner of Holland’s Next Top Model in 2008. Prize for winning was a three-year modeling contract worth €75,000 (about $100,000) with Modelmasters the Agency (MTA). Then, the MTA ceased to exist and Elite picked up its models but soon dismissed Ms. Marchildon because her 92 centimeters (36¼ inches) hips were two centimeters (3/4 inch) too broad. Elite spokesman allegedly said that her “fat ass” made her unfit for modeling.

                                     Ananda Marchildon

Before seeking solace in a pint of ice cream, Ms. Marchildon went to the courthouse and demanded the balance of her contract. The judge ruled that Elite is bound by the original contracting agency’s obligations and cannot require the model to slim down from the shape she had when she got the contract.

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